School To Farm Day Camp Presented By Gen5

Planting seeds for growth in the minds of our youth

HK Farm provides an excellent and fun environment to expose youth to a hands-on experiential learning program that embodies Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), leadership and team building skills through farm life.

HK Farm began in 1869 in Cobbtown, Georgia by Handy Kennedy, our great great grandfather. The fifth generation, known as Gen 5, spent a lot of time on the farm and decided to share our rich heritage with school age youth.


Gen5 Farm Day Camp is designed for all age groups. Our learning objectives include:

  • Creating real-life experiences and connections to our food ecosystem that addresses: nutrition, our five senses, plants, animals, sustainability, economics, farming, and food production.
  • Inspiring young people to be ‘adventurous eaters’ and to develop curiosity about from where their food comes.
  • To increase an understanding of the direct consequences of food choices on our health and our environment.